Fall 2017 Recruitment

  1. Upload your current resume and transcripts into PlacePro no later than 4PM on May 3.
  2. Delete any outdated/obsolete documents from PlacePro.
  3. Create a default portfolio containing your current resume and transcripts.
  4. Check PlacePro regularly for employment opportunities and interview invitations for your work term.
  5. If you find a job on your own, contact the Co-op Office immediately with the details of your job.

If you will not have internet access during recruitment, you are expected to contact the Co-op Office by telephone every other day (492-5152 or toll free 1-800-661-4106) for updates on available jobs and upcoming interviews.

If you are not available for in person interviews please contact us to make other arrangements.

Recruitment Timeline

Job Postings Begin

Thursday, May 5

Round 1 Application Deadlines

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10PM between May 11 & May 30

Round 1 Interviews

May 15 – June 7

Employer Rankings Available

After 4:30PM on Friday, June 9

Student Rankings Due

10:00PM on Monday, June 12

Matches Finalized

Tuesday, June 13

Round 2 (Continuous Recruitment) Begins

Wednesday, June 14


Last update: August 15, 2017